Head Seed Grower

Head Seed Grower

We are seeking an experienced and qualified biodynamic/organic seed grower/horticulturalist to join our team at Gosberton Bank Nursery. This person will co-ordinate the successful production, harvesting and processing of biodynamic vegetable, herb and flower seed crops.

Job Specification

As Head Seed Grower you will work as part of our team (responsible to the General Manager) and your duties and responsibilities will involve co-ordinating the following:-

  • Planning and implementing annual cropping plans
  • Implementing the sowing, planting and maintenance of the cropping areas in fields and glasshouses
  • Keeping detailed crop records
  • Managing and maintaining irrigation systems
  • Organising and managing the harvesting and processing of seed crops, ensuring clean and tidy areas are maintaining to guarantee top quality seed
  • Identifying an acquiring materials and equipment for crop production and infrastructure maintenance
  • Planning and implementing a soil fertility and manuring plan that includes the biodynamic preparations
  • Taking responsibility for the regular maintenance of farm and seed cleaning machinery and keeping maintenance records up-to-date

Co-ordination will involve working with other members of the team, at times you will need to assist in areas co-ordinated by others, these include:

  • Supervising the work of apprentices and volunteers
  • Taking visitors around and sharing knowledge of seed production
  • Representing the Co-operative at on-site and external shows and activities

Other duties as required

Salary: £25,000 plus, depending on skills and experience.

Full time, 37.5 hours/week

Ongoing professional development will be provided for someone with the willingness to commit and learn. To apply, please send a CV and covering letter to sharnjones@seedcooperative.org.uk by 15th June 2022.

About Us

Our mission is to sow the seeds of a healthy and resilient organic food system that promotes diversity, democracy and a closer relationship with our food, and those who grow it. Please see https://seedcooperative.org.uk for more information.

Gosberton Bank, Gosberton, Spalding PE11 4PB, UK

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