As a community-owned seed company you can become part of our community of owner-members. We depend on the support of our members to help us grow and make a difference to the UK’s food system.

Why us?

We have been founded as one of the first of a new wave of collaborative and effective, ecologically orientated seed producers for the UK. We have the expertise and over 20 years’ growing experience - as well as the will and determination - to grow better seeds for better food, in a natural way that is resilient and safer for all. We now have over 480 shareholders and have raised nearly £500,000 to capitalise our operations.

Why it matters

Our food system depends on viable, living seeds, capable of reproducing themselves. Sadly, few people realise how threatened the availability of open pollinated seeds is, or the manifold ways in which agri-business has taken ownership of seed production, resulting in the domination of fewer and ever-larger multi-national corporations and the decline of local and small-scale seed producers.

Will you help?

Our most immediate and urgent task is to find people who share our vision and will support our genuinely community-owned seed company. If you’re interested, or feel you can help, please join us to help secure the future for our natural food system.

Seed Co-Operative AGMSeed Co-Operative AGM

Buying shares to become a member enables you to get involved and influence the future of our organisation. This includes participation in general meetings and taking an active interest in the operation and development of the organisation as a Community Benefit Society. Along with the warm, fuzzy feeling of being part of the revolution in our food system, other benefits of being a share owning member include:

  • Active engagement with the Seed Co-operative, casting votes at AGMs and receiving annual reports
  • You can be part of our network of seed producers
  • The chance to take part in trials and breeding programmes
  • First hand access to information on breeding programmes and variety trials
  • First access to newly developed varieties.

How it works

  • The minimum number of £1 shares required for membership is 100. The maximum number of shares any individual can hold is 100,000. Each member is entitled to one vote at AGMs, regardless of the number of shares held
  • There are no further subscription costs for members; just the one-off cost of your shares
  • Our shares are what are technically known as ‘withdrawable shares’. Dividends are not paid, but the Board of Directors could decide to pay interest on the share value in future. No interest is currently paid; all of the profits from your investment is going back into the development of the Seed Co-operative for the benefit of the wider community
  • Full details can be found in our Share Prospectus.  This is currently being updated.

Is this a gift?

Please email us and let us know if you would like a complementary gift certificate and an application form for the recipient to complete. We can post it to you to give as a gift or we can post it directly to the recipient, just let us know the relevant details

share gift certificate


To become a member, or increase your shareholding, please download and fill out this application form.  Full instructions are on the form.  Thank you.

Seed Co-Operative Open Day

The small print...

Biodynamic and Organic Plant Breeding and Seeds Limited, trading as Seed Co-operative, is a Community Benefit Society (registration number 7013) .  It is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014.  A specific set of registered Rules set out how the co-operative is to be run; identifying the objectives of the society; financial arrangements; membership terms; requirements for meetings and how the Board, with Officers, will be established and operated; dispute resolution; procedures for regulations; application of profits; asset lock; amalgamation or conversions; dissolution; and administrative matters. Our shares cannot be traded on a stock exchange. Profits will be applied to the continuation and development of the Community Benefit Society, or for making payment for social or community purposes within the community of interest served by the Community Benefit Society, and not currently in paying interest on issued share capital. Any changes to these will be notified to all shareholders with immediate effect and this notice on the website will be updated.