There's a number of ways you can volunteer with us…

Kate and David Seed Co-OperativeKate Seed Co-Operative

WWOOFing (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) is a great way to volunteer on organic and biodynamic farms. Please see the WWOOF UK web site for details and to apply through the formal WWOOF process.

We have occasional organised work parties to undertake specific tasks that are much more fun to do in a gang, which we promote on our website and through the newsletter.

We’re always interested to hear from local people who are interested in volunteering for whole or half days, particularly if it can be a regular thing. Please contact us directly to discuss.


In the normal course of events our annual work programme involves plant raising; field preparation and direct seed sowing in the spring; tending the growing plants over the summer; harvesting and processing seed in the autumn; and packing and dealing with orders in the winter as people replenish their seed stock for the coming season. That’s somewhat simplified, but there’s never a quiet time!

Volunteer in Greenhouse at Seed Co-OperativeVolunteer with Organic Seed

As well as the vegetable, flower and herb growing we also have to manage our rotation system to sustain fertility in our soils. We have help in this from our chickens and sheep. The sheep also help us to manage the vegetation around our glasshouses. There's also maintenance work around the glasshouses, fencing work, building maintenance and general land work.

Hens at Gosberton Bank Nursery Seed Co-OperativeSheep at Gosberton Bank Nursery Seed Co-Operative