Rhys' plot through 2019

Rhys' plot through 2019

From April 2019 one of our happy customers regularly shared photos of his successes with us.  It is always great to get feedback.  It's important to know if people to have problems, but also a boost for us to know things are going well!!

If you are looking for inspiration for 2020 and wondering what to sow?  Here are a selection of photos of Rhys's success you to give you some inspiration now that the seed buying season is approaching.

As you can see, you can get from seed to plate in a short time with some of our seeds.  That means you can plant successive crops throughout the growing season.

Boltardy seedlings

Boltardy growning70 day harvest of boltardy


Rhys sowed his Boltardy beetroot in modules indoors, then transplanted them outside. On day 70 he harvested his both his first batch of beets and also Purple Top Milan turnips.

rudi radish day 17rudi radish day 37

The Rudi radish seen in the photos above only took 37 days to be ready to eat.  Rhys sowed the seeds straight into the soil once it was warm enough to plant outside

Rhys even demonstrates our ethos of seed saving beautifully as he grew his Red Kuri squash from the seeds of his 2018 harvest

red kuri 2018 harvest       seeds from a 2018 red kuri       red kuri seedlings day 11

To whet your appetite for your 2020 garden projects, below are some photos of Rhys's beautiful vegetables looking very healthy in his garden.

 Winter Lettuce Valdor and Forcing Chicory TardivoWinter Lettuce: Valdor

and Forcing Chicory: Tardivo








Forcing Chicory Tardivo and Winter Radish Round Black








    Tardivo Forcing Chicory 

and Round Black Winter Radish





Rudi Radish; Autumn Giant/   Hannibal Leek; No 5 Endive and Friese Gele Swede


Rudi Radish;

Autumn Giant / Hannibal Leek;

No 5 Endive

and Friese Gele Swede





We'll leave you with a quote from Rhys

'Delighted with all your seeds this year and will definitely be buying again in 2020'

Many thanks Rhys for all your lovely photos and comments.  If anyone else would like to share your successes you can email us at seedshop@seedcooperative.org.uk or on social media

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